Welcome to bespoke group

Bespoke Group is a boutique property development business.
Site finding and development for in-house and clients own projects.
Full appraisal and Master Plan creation of projects with architects, planners, negotiation to Chief Executive level.
Project delivery, management of site staff and contractors.


To restore the current main building / buildings and bringing them back to use as accommodation and a number of other uses as the local area market dictates.


Ensure the enabling development returns sufficient revenue to enable the restoration of the existing buildings and any properties built follow the style guide, which should be dictated within any future planning guidelines and applications.


The site should embrace and benefit the local community and offer employment from apprentice schemes and longer term employment subject to the enterprises that may take up opportunities on the site.


Once completed the site could become a blueprint for future projects through the country where there are a number of listed buildings that require saving.